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Magnetic – Lights Out lyrics

Verse 1

Roaming the yard flashback travel the brain,
Of the days when i was in the kitchen cooking up Kane
Cutting it down bagging up them 12 by 12,
Crushing the block now i'm in a whole new world
Wearing greens up greens down,
Getting up in the middle of the night cause i hear that pound
Look out the window all i see is a fence and a yard,
No projects no streets not even a broad
Them days are gone now the mental playing a game,
Showing me a movie of them days of fame
How good it was throwback tims and all,
Flossing balling till i took that fall
Look at me now free less build ed up pain,
Half of the day it feels like i'm going insane
Being told when to shit, when to play, when to eat,
Being watch by the C.O.s while i'm trnna sleep

Hook: Lights out. damn it's lock in time, lock down..
What a life of crime, living in the belly of
The beast day by day it's not the same i just
Want to get a way

Verse 2

Another day down another day to come,
Same bull shit going on up in the slums
Living in a 6 by 6 12 inch cube,
4 foot divider with them men in blue
Screaming at you inmate give me your I.D.
Caught you blowing in the bathroom now you brought a tire 3
What a life got to hide and dip to smoke,
Cause i choose to hit the hood, fill it with cock
Like scarface in the movie, Fidel Castro,
Nino Brown in new jack or the king of new York
The hood supplier thought i was the king of the town,
Feeling real untouchable till it went down
That cold steel freezing up the wrist of my arms,
Never thought my life style would bring me this harm
Put me a way so deep like i'm under the dirt,
Took me a way from my seeds left my family hurt

Hook: Lights out.. damn it's lock in time...lock down,
What i life of crime, living in the belly of the
Beast day by day it's not the same i just want to
Get a way

Verse 3

Phase 3 of this here stress you out,
Haven patience waiting for that day to get out
So you hitting up the yard putting in that work,
Hard body like you on the strip flipping that work
Putting that pin down writing out love to the peoples,
Reminiscing of them days asking them to come see you,
Send a money order, some close a 35 packages,
Hopping they write you back so you can get a laugh in
Lights out, damn it's lock in time,
Flashback hit the brain of those time on the grind
They riding on mines had the block locked with dimes,
Doing it up now i'm lock down doing time
Some where in the belly beast way upnorth,
Away from the seeds family a way from New York
Living in the belly of the beast day by day,
It's not the same i just want to get a way

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