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Maestro – 416/905 lyrics

Who be the brother with the harder rap, sippin' coniac
You catch a heart attack, rest your cardiac
I'm takin' over the game, like black quaterbacks
And guaranteed to put Toronto on the party map
Mr. Maes' in the flash, out to make a splash
Take Tyra to the bank, make Stacey wanna dash
Seen the gate open, I'll be there went it closes
Black Moses, slashing guns from the roses
Misdemeanor, blown up like Hiroshima
I love hip-hop like Scarface loved Gina
You're appluading this, astrologist
Words flex like a nidlest
I'm writin' words like a Novelist
Paragraph's gonna bury ya
Make the dance floor move like Jamiriquai
Get out the area
Take another blast of this nastiness, you blasphamis
Adversaries, they master this
Stylin', I'm a splash you, when I crash through
(Maestro's on the radio)
Crash crew knows I'm funky
Female rappers wanna hump me
Salt jumped me, I made Pepa wanna bungee
Knowing that my jams legit, banking chips
Fort Langdon chicks, love to see me in spankin' whips
Proper, I was the one who told Mase
Save Mariah with the chopper, certified Cheif Rocka
[Chorus: Maestro, Latoya

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