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M83 – I Need You lyrics

I fear it, you're after the feeling
And I am all alone
Hold to call the feeling senile
They unwrap the more
Going out the dusty roads
We are caught and see

I need you

There's a reason after all
For the fields that I have gone
Pump the blood and leave it alone
Far away take me

See it all
Just go and solve it all

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    This was a little difficult and frustrating, figuring out some of the words this particular song. So... I'm a little irked by this whole thing. But whatever.
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    I think the song is amazing just want to know the meaning behind the whole song? Like what is the song about? Who is it aimed towards. With it being in divergent which is my fav film it really caught my heartstrings and I would really appreciate it if I could know more about the song. If there is any hidden meaning behind it that I could maybe hope to relate to in my situations like most songs do.
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