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Lucifer – Copulate The Cross lyrics

Clinging to the holy cross, all salvations fuckin lost
Bible in hand idoicity, the total cost is sodomy
Blackest black redest red, the church of god burns again
Rightous minds fuck of christ, jesus flock sucking c***
Oral anal holycross, up your ass is what it cost
In your ass sodomy, the fee for christianity

I am lucifer, murdered your pathetic lord
Killed him in the name of sin, this war I've won
Unholy zombies begun, to rise from the grave

Copulate the holy cross, up your ass is what it cost
Here is the church of the feeble
Spreed wide your asscheeks for all the people
Sucking the c*** of christ
Swallow his load for eternal life
Enter the pearly gates, perversion beyond them await's
Chistianity, sodomized, born to die
Suck jesus dry
Holy cross in your bowels, deep inside

In your c*** the holy cross your feeble soul is what it cost
Up your ass sodomy, the cost of christianity
Copulate the holycross, eternal life is what it cost
Suck the c*** of christ, swallow his load for eternal life
Let christ fuck you, let him fuck you
Let christ fuck you, let him fuck you
Let christ fuck you, let him fuck you

[2nd verse]
Cunting christian whore's the church of christ burns once more
In your c*** the holy cross, your sanity is the cost
Bible in hand idoicy, the holy wrath of sodomy
Sucking the c*** of christ, swallow his load for eternal life
Copulating the holy cross, deep inside

Christian lust are filled with sin
The church of god burns again, copulating holycross
Your ass is what it cost, bible in hand idoitcy
The holy wrath of sodomy, the cost of christanity
So let christ fuck you
Let him fuck you... Let christ fuck you

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