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Love Hina – Haru Da Mono! lyrics

Haru san-gatsu machi mo hito mo nurikaerarete
Achi kochi hora! Pinku ni kiiro hana hiraku koro

Spring in March, the streets and people have been painted,
There, here, look! The place where pinkish-yellow flowersopens.

Kataomoi wa kakushitete mo iro ni de ni keri
Nayamu kai mo nashi ne
Let's smile and go!

Even the unrequited love in hiding has their colors come outand
There aren't even any worries, right?
Let's smile and go!

[1]hitori kuchibue de jitensya kogu sakamichi
Byun to kasoku shite kaze ni naru
Kitto itsu ka kimi to kono michi o arukoo
Sakura hanahubuki da

Whistling by myself and on the hill I rode up with a bike,
With a "whoosh" I accelerate and become like the wind.
I will certainly walk with you on this street someday.
It's a sakura flower snowstorm.

Itsu no mani ka kawatteku wa me ga samete iku
Watashi no naka kinoo yori mo nani ka shitteru

All of a sudden, something changes and I gradually wake up.
Inside of me, there's something I know more of than I didyesterday.

Tameiki yori sinpai yori kokoro no mama ni
Kimi mo genki dasite
Let's smile and go!

As it is in my heart, it's above sighs and worries,
You'll also show high spirits.
Let's smile and go!

Datte kokoro no naka egaku yume ga aru nara
Byun to kasoku shite kakekedasoo
Kitto itsu ka yume o tukamu syunkan ga kuru
Sore wa nante suteki

However, as long as there's a dream that draws inside my heart,
With a "whoosh" I'll accelerate and I'll break into a sprint.
The moment I catch that dream will certainly come someday,
How wonderful that would be.

Motomete mitsukete ushinatte wa mata sagasu
Owari no nai tabi kibo wa tsuzuku tsuzuku...

I request, look for, and again find losing.
The never-ending journey; a hope that will continue on andon...

Ima wa

Right now

Repeat [1]

Kokoro no naka egaku yume ga aru nara
Da kedo saki ni wa saki ga aru
Kitto yakusoku yo motto motto suteki ni naru
Sakura hanahubuki da hanabuki da sakura hanabuki yo

As long as there's a dream that draws inside my heart,
However, it's beyond the horizon.
It's certainly a promise! It'll be more and more wonderful.
It's a sakura flower snowstorm. It's a snowstorm. It's a sakuraflower snowstorm!

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