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Loudon Wainwright III – T.S.M.N.W.A. lyrics

They spelled my name wrong again
With an E between the D and the N
Some dope didn't know it should be an O
They spelled my name wrong again
Why in God's name can't they check
It's a pain in the ass and the neck
Not a capital crime, but it's the umpteenth time
Why in God's name can't they check

I see my name up there in lights
Then I notice it's not spelled right
Tell me why do I put up with it
Pavorotti or Shirley would quit
When you've been around for awhile
These spelling mistakes start to rile
I guess that's rock and roll
Dyslexia takes it's toll
You've been around for awhile

My parents should shoulder some blame
For calling their kid a strange name
Spell it with me friends L-O-you-D-O... N, yes!
My parents should shoulder some blame
My eyes narrow, I start to squint
I think that's my name there in print
Tell me why do I put up with it
Sinatra would have a shit fit!

Wainwright has two w's
They get that one wrong and I get the blues
That old grammar school try 's
Not good enough guys
Wainwright has two w's
One day I thought I would die
When I saw with my very one eye
L-you-D-I-N- W-E-I-N-are-I-G-H-T
Thought I would die

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