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Lords Of Acid – The Mirror lyrics

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A perfect stranger is staring at me
Don't tell me I'm wrong I know this ain't real
I'm going insane, 'cause I can see what I feel
I try to avoid it, I'm blocking my eyes
But I feel these vibrations and it's feeling so nice
The warmth of his body, the heat of the flesh
I'm fighting against it while I strip off my dress
I want you inside of me (x2)
I can visualise what you're feeling inside
As I'm touching your spine, I can make you unwind
Feel the glow from my hands, it's the heat that I send
With the oil that I blend, let's go straight, let's go to the end
Come through the mirror I want you to rock me
I'll give you the power, the will to be horny
I need you to fill me with your glistening treasures
My body is moist and it's a palace of pleasure
Lay down beside me, then torture and please me
Let's have a party all over my body
Let's come together like the pearl in the oyster
You can whip me and bite me cause that's how I want ya
I want you inside of me (x2)
I'm your teacher tonight, witches' power delight
There's no use for your fight, let me strenghten your might
Oh now come over here, 'cause your climax is near
There's no use for your fear 'cause your master, your master is here

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