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Lone Catalysts – Thin As Paper lyrics

[ J. Sands whispering ]
The Paper Chase
Watch your back, man
Because you never ever know where they're at
Paper Chase
Watch your back
Because you never ever know where they're at

[ verse 1: J. Sands ]
For me it's kind of easy when I say these words
You deserve what you get and you get what you deserve
At any point in time any thing can occurr
Cause you never know what he said or she said to her
Cause it's all behind your back before you even know the facts
Reading you like the constellations of the zodiacs
Man, your people do, but when you come through
They don't be claimin you say they gamin you
Cause the revenue grew
Free treats, free pay-per-view should be a clue
That the party's over here, throw your hands in the air
See, that's when they try to get you
Schemin so they can hit you
Ski mask in the shadows, creepin to catch you sleepin
That out of town stay for the weekend, cats peepin
Jealous eyes conspire for your demise
Realize that once a man is given a chance, he tries

[ chorus: J. Sands ]
Words from the wise, yo, you analyze that
Then you'll see all them cats aimin knives at your back
Smilin in your face once you step up in the place
Everybody's lined up to race for the paper chase
The snakes, the fakes, they do whatever it takes

[ verse 2: J. Sands ]
Aiyo, 'how many of us have them? ' How many?
When things get real, kid, you're lucky to have any
Cause everybody's strugglin to find that extra penny
Only a few succeed, so the rest be like 'gimme! '
That's why I only roam with my son
You take the l out of 'Lone', you'll be left with 'one'

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