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Lloyd Lovindeer – The Oil lyrics

Now stop and listen for awhile
This one is gonna make you smile
Comin at you in a rankin style
I am the man who's got the oil

Gimme the oil-e
Me want the oil-e
Gimme the oil-eee

Me got
Oil a tame ya
Oil a leave ya
Oil a make you get U.S. visa
Oil a make natty hair get curly
Oil a make man stop girly girly
Oil a kill rat roach and fly
Oil a make politician stop lie
Oil a make you get promotion
Oil a make woman leave your husband
Oil a holy get on the right track
Oil a prevent christian from turn back

Gimme the oil-e
Me want the oil-e
Gimme the oil-eee

Me got
Oil a take nose out of me business
Oil a get rid of all diseases
Oil a make hard to get gal surrender
Oil a make tough feel get tender
Oil a husband stop drink rum
Oil a make ugly man look handsome
Oil a black gal get brown baby
Oil a decorate act like lady

Gimme the oil-e
Me want the oil-e
Gimme the oil-eee

Me say
Two politicians come to me last night
One from the left and one from the right
One come seven the other one Me do thatten
Different oil for the two of them
They want
Oil a charisma
Oil a popular
Oil a collect taxes from ganja
Oil a peaceful fair election
Oil a get votes from all direction
Oil a get coverage on TV
Oil a kiss beauty queen like bejeejee
Oil a tax them till them tingle
And the oil a make money jingle
Oil a get loan from America
While keeping ties with Russia and Cuba
Oil a recovery for the economy
Oil a make cast on poll support me

Gimme the oil-e
Me want the oil-e
Gimme the oil-eee

Me got
Oil a let me go
Oil a hold me
Oil a love me and control me
Oil a make knock knee get straight
Oil a make ugly gal get date
Oil a mashmouth get new teeth
Oil a make love three times a week
Oil a this
Oil a that
Oil a make mother leg get fat
Oil a stretch marks off of your belly
Oil a boopsie give me the money
Oil a record reach number one
Oil a win the festival song
Oil a music play on the air
Oil a write lyrics like Lovindeer

Gimme the oil-e
Me want the oil-e
Gimme the oil-eee

One woman come a check a me last night
She tell me she no have no appetite
Give her a little oil from the teapot
Her appetite opened on the spot
She said
Man your oil make me feel so sweet
I want it in everything me eat
In a me fish
In a me beef
In a me cabbage and me lettuce leaf
In a me salad
In a me custard
In a me chicken liver and gizzard

Gimme the oil-e
In a me mango
Gimme the oil-e
In a me tomato
Gimme the oil-e
In a me cocoa
Gimme the oil-e

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