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Lion King – Shadowland lyrics

Fatshe leso lea halalela[The land of our ancestors is holy]
Fatshe leso lea halalela

The leaves have fallen
This shadowed land
This was our home

The river's dry
The ground has broken
So I must go
Now I must go

And where the journey may lead me
Let your prayers be my guide
I cannot stay here, my family
But I'll remember my pride

Pridelandi have no choice
My landi will find my way
Tear-stainedlea halalela
Dry land
Take thistake this prayer
With youwhat lies out there
Fatshe lesolea halalela

And where the journey may lead you
Let this prayer be your guide
Though it may take you so far away
Always remember your pride

Fatshe leso lea halalela
Fatshe leso lea halalelafatshe leso lea halalela

And where the journey may lead you
Let this prayer be your guide
Though it may take you so far away
Always remember your pride

And where the journey may lead yougiza buyabo, giza buyabo
Let this prayer be your guidei will return, I will return
Beso bo
Though it may take you so far awaygiza buyabo, I will return
Always remember your pridegiza buyabo, oh giza buyabo

Beso bo, my people, beso bo

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    To me, it means be proud of who you are, where you come from. Certain situations may cause us to stray or even force us away from the people or places we love but it's important for those left behind to know that they are still loved & valued. Those that have left need to know they are still cared for, thought of, and supported by those left behind. No matter where we go, or what is done, home will always be home.
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    This song is about Nala leaving the pridelands to go seek help from outside of the pridelands. She really doesn't want to leave, but she must seek help because there is no food or water left. The lionesses have a sad leaving celebration for Nala. Lala is sad to leave. Raffia blesses her before her journey. Altogether, I mean that this song is about being proud about who you are, and doing the things you must, even if you don't want to.
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