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Lingo & Marshall Law – I Need Dollars lyrics

Verse 1 - Lingo

It's Grind Time, I ain't talkin' no battle
I'm tryina' save my G's but not for scrabble
It's no game when you livin' check to check
Gotta think like Wu-Tang protect ya neck
See the bottom of the food chain's expectin' less
But I gotta make moves stay fresh to death
Yes, cash rules everything around me
Bigger figures, better get counting
See I know what it means to be down and out
But we never quit, not me bowing out
Cuz we got a team and when we crowd around
We protect each other, respect my brothers uh
Fam first we fight till our hands hurt
I don't work for the man I'm showin' this man's worth
So if you ever need a dollar to share
Understand that I got it right here, yeah

Verse 2 - Marshall Law

Ayo listen up, I'm sick of livin' tough
So I'm tryina get more dollars than a stripper got
Because my rents due and how am I supposed to get thru
This next month when I don't even know my next move
I grab the mic and let loose till my sets through
Hopin' I get scouted and prayin' I see checks soon
But with no luck, how am I supposed to hold up
My head high when I live life like a broke fuck
So I roll up hopin' it will ease the pain
But when my high wears off everythings the same
I'm still in debt, a miserable wreck
Tryin to get some respect and maybe just a little success
I need dollars, I need I need dollars
So I got my hand out more than E Honda
Can you blame me, I'm starting to get angry
Save the chit chat now, it's fuck you pay me

Verse 3 -
I ain't tryina hear you put your two cents in
I'm tryina make my own money like the US mint
To get a sick whip with new fresh tint
The type that turns heads when you step in

Marshall Law
As for me I need healthcare, day job or welfare
Tax check with a couple thou by next year
Whatever it takes till I'm swimmin' in cake
Marshall works too hard someone give him a break EZ

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