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Lil Wayne Feat. D. Smith – Shoot Me Down lyrics

Open up your hearts people
Page 1, chapter 1, verse muthafuckin’ 1
Yeah, uh huh, I'm drinkin’ hot tea bitch, feel me

Yeah, if you let me, you won’t regret me
Shit, if you let me you won’t forget me, remember
And if you don't then ponder, hold up, bah bah
There’s a reminder

I ain't kinda hot, I'm sauna
I sweat money and the bank is my shower
Ha ha and that pistol is my towel
Ha, so stop sweatin’ me coward

And I would die for ours
Ride for hours, supply the flowers
This is history in the making
Now shut the fuck up and let me make it

Please don't shoot me down
‘Cause I'm flyin’, I'm flyin’, I'm high up
Please don't shoot me down
‘Cause I'm flyin’, I'm high up

I spit Alcatrez bars, I know
And D-Boys are the only alphabet boys I know
Gotta 3-80 on my waist and Rambo at home
No more bandana on my dome, bandana in my right pocket

Bitch I'm grown, fuck what you on?
Now watch me stand on the world as I sit in a throne
And if I jump I’ma fly and look into the eagles eye
And see I am nothin’ like you, why?

Bitch see, it gets me, how nothing gets me or get to me
And if you shootin’ for the star then just shoot me
But your bullets don't reach Mars
Pause, clause because I’ma a beast, I’ma dog, I’ma getcha

My picture should be in the dictionary
Next to the definition of definition
Because repetition is the father of learnin’
And son I know you barrel burnin’ but

Please don't shoot me down
‘Cause I'm flyin’, I'm flyin’, I'm high up
Please don't me down
‘Cause I'm flyin’, I'm high up

Hey, I’ma talk to my daddy
Pappa, I did it to ‘em, I’ma bastard
And I’ma do it again like nigga backwards
These niggas backwards but they behind us
Now watch me get high like dimes up

Now D bring the drums back
And watch me hit ‘em where there lungs sat like dat
I get respect ‘cause if I don't I’ma take it
I see your boys hatin’ and I see your girls naked

Drum sound like a naked gun, I switch clips with my thumb
Then I pop another clip in and aim at his vision
'Cause Wayne is his vision, ‘cause Wayne is the mission
I'm aimin' at a mirror

Please don't shoot me down
‘Cause I'm flyin, I'm flyin, I'm high up
Please don't me down
‘Cause I'm flyin’, I'm high up

Please don’t shoot me down
‘Cause I’m flyin’, I’m flyin’, I’m high up

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