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[Verse 1]
I am not a human being Uhh,
P-ssy for lunch
Pop all the balloons and spit in the punch, yeah,
Kush and the blunts
I ride through your block see a foot in the trunk
I don't know why they keep playin
They better replan giving them the blues Bobby "Blue" Bland (blues singer)
Together we stand and fall on y'all
Ballin' with my bloods, call it b-ball
These days aint sh-t Young Money is
I got mars bars three musketeers
Come through coupe same colour as veneers
And you know I'm riding with the toast, cheers! (reason he's in jail)
Yeah, now I'm back on my grizz
And y'all's a bunch a squares like a muthaf-cking grid
Sh-t f-ck with me and get hit
I finger f-ck the nina make the b-tch have kids
Just do it my n-gga I just did
Name a muthaf-cker deeper than me b-tch dead
Ya dig, this here is big biz and I scream f-ck it whoever it is

I am the Rhyming Oasis
I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it
I got my foot on the line I'm not racin'
I thank god that I am not basic
I am not basic
I am not a human being

[Verse 2]
Uhh, rockstar baby
Now come to my suite and get lockjaw baby
Rich n-gga lookin at the cops all crazy
It's the mob sh-t n-gga Martin Scorsese
Heater close range, cuz people are strange
But I bet that AK 47 keep you ordaned
You can't see weezy nor wayne
I'm in the far lane, I'm running this sh-t - hundred yard gain
Uhhh, swag on infinity
I'm killing em, see the white flag from the enemy
Shoot you in the head and leave your dash full of memories
Father forgive me for my brash delivery
I will try you, I wouldn't lie you
I must be sticky cuz them bitches got they eyes glued

Young money baby we the sh-t like fly food
Yall can't see us - like the bride shoes.
I stand tall like a muthafuckin 9'2
I scream motherf-ck you and whoever design you
And if you think you hot then obviously you are lied to
And we don't die, we multiply and then we come divide you.

I am the Rhyming Oasis
I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it
I got my foot on the line I'm not racin'
I thank god that I am not basic
I am not basic
I am not a human being

[Verse 3]
Re-Reporting from another world
Magazine full of bullets you can be my cover girl
Ness go the weed thicker than a southern girl
Strong arm rap like a n-gga did a hundred curls
Rock star biatch, check out how we rock
And if this aint hip hop... it must be me hop
I'm higher than a tree top
She lick my lo-llipop
I still get my candy from your girlfriends sweet shop
Spitting that he rock I'm smooth not Pete Rock
And my money on etcetera - 3 dots
Still get a stomach ache every time I see cops
You better run mothaf-cka, cuz we not
You better run till your feet stop
You aint even on a f-cking alphabet in my tea pot
Colder than a ski shop
Holding on to THE top, and even if I let go I still wont G-rock

I am the Rhyming Oasis
I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it
I got my foot on the line I'm not racin'
I thank god that I am not basic
I am not basic
I am not a human being

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  • s
    SpaceTraceyNov 21, 2010 at 6:03 am
    Something really big is gonna happen soon , thats what I believe,feel, & think he's trying to make all aware of this without just saying it as such. hes a very special ,powerful man who can reach millions.Hes not Human as such.
  • l
    listenupNov 16, 2010 at 5:00 pm
    takin it to level 3. this song dosnt really have a meaning. its a statement. its true, and i cant wait til weezy takes action.
  • w
    Waynes_WifeOct 1, 2010 at 4:44 pm
    _The meaning of this song is even though my husband is in prison dont stop him from coming out with new music and keeping his rockstar title. i think he's just making sure he's heard. dwayne is not a human like he says in his song. he is something unique, something better. he's different from everybody else basicaly, ijust think he's trying to get people to understand him...
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 22, 2012 at 5:25 pm
    The meaning of this song from my so called perspective is: he discovered what a human being is defined as.. In the legal system... Look it up.. Love and peace!!
  • U
    UnregisteredMar 11, 2012 at 3:58 am
    I would say he is dissing tech and saying he is above him, in status and talent. Wheezy never name drops but my guess "nina" is tech n9ne, and this is something of a battle of artists ym (young money) vs sm (strange music). No one else even comes close to competing with wayne than tech.

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