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[Lil Scrappy talking]

What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on eyein me [4x]
What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on tryin me [4x]

[Lil Scrappy]
F**k the bullshit beat dat a** to the floe
He twistin now he shakin like a god damn hoe
Don't run they goin to bak me, now he's tryin to attack me
Juzt blow your brain cells from ur head I be clappin
Now I buck all day, I buck all nite
Damn rite I beat your a** in a god damn fite
Don't stand so close, get your damn nose broke
Tryn to give me doubt when you see b***h you aint my folk
You be tryn me, I'm a thugged out g
Imma switch you sideways imma charge a post up fee
Thug straight trappin, till I get rich off this rappin
I aint got no friends got watch whos heads I be clappin
Flippin and flappin at the mouth ya it's off the chain
Flippin it on them real b*****s just to get brain
What the f**k is you tryn me foe
I aint no b***h, I aint no lame hoe

What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on eyein me [4x]
What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on tryin me [4x]

[Lil Scrappy]
What the f**k is goin on
I beat the f**k out your a** and bring your b***h a** home
I'm a young thug n***a I aint no fuckin joke
If I aint no lame b***h then what the f**k you eyein foe
Talking all that s**t b***h take it outside
Pop you about 3 times make you turn clockwise
I aint playin I done bein trife, damn they done took a life
Used to call me chicken cause I used to stab a man with a knife
My life, tatted on my neck, so you best respect
We thug stylin bme, leavin b***h n****s wet


I'm goin to pit stop
My brains in nerve lose
I carry my own cross
But still you get tossed
And last but not least, quit tryn me
You aint got no business mothafukin eyein me

[chorus 2x]
What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on eyein me [4x]
What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on tryin me [4x]

[Lil Scrappy]
Haters dress to impress, but dey missd the spot
It takes chest to distress the longevity pot
But I got a 380 waitin so keep your eyes up on me
Keep your eyes off my d**k and get your own damn money
You silly mothafucka you'll get your head slit wide open
I do it in the street and leave your neighborhood smoking
And they hope in, that the mothafuckin war is ova
These lyrics soul reverse them, click clack and break your shoulder
I'm rollin from the south side of the A
If you keep lookin imma bust your a** in your face
I aint goin to play imma just make an example
All that unloyal s**t will get your b***h a** tapered
When I c*** back my pistols gonna sound like bam
Get your a** so hard the fuckin crowd say damn
You just got knocked the f**k out
That's the way we do n****s that's eyein in da south

What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on eyein me [4x]
What the f**k iz goin on [2x]
He keep on tryin me [4x]

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