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Lil' Romeo – Where They At lyrics


Where them boys at?
(Where they at)
Where them girls at?
(There they go)

(Master P)
Call bugs on the phone
Whodi meet me by the dome
Daffy proably dieying whodi take him to the phone

(Lil' Romeo)
Nick -nat-patty-what give a dog a bone
Before you hit his spot, whodi catch him at his home

(Master P)
The mighty duck said, boy throw them bows
Home alone said you better lock them doors

(Lil' Romeo)
Now big bird was posted up at seasme street
Uptown whodi screaming c-p-3

(Master P)
Now where my thugs at, I mean my rugrats
Them Lil' soldiers representing in them projects


(Lil' Romeo)
How he choose Lil' whodi
I heard the bricks was out of style

(Master P)
Nobody aint trippin, cause the 7th ward is packing
Mother goose bout to lay them eggs
Sixteen-five is all she said

(Lil' Romeo)
See a big bad wolf don't play no games
We rowdy rowdy whodi we will throw them thangs

(Master P)
Soulja rags on our head cause we bout dat
Where them boys, where them girls ya'll shout that


(Master P)
Tom and Jerry on the block, there goes the cops
Took Scooby of his chain, in case it get hot

(Lil' Romeo)
Charolette Web she was chillin in the projects
Mad that the mail man didn't get her counter check

(Master P)
Now Peter Pan he's the jacker of all trades
Lil' Bo Peep, took two to the head

(Lil' Romeo)
Now Jorgy Porgy on the block, whodi ballin
Representin cup woods, dirty south New Orleans

(Master P)
Humptey Dumpty went to the mall done made a call
Popeye said the spinish whodi, I want it all
Because Betty Boop was chillin at the nail shop
A perfect 24-36 from bottom to the top
We in our P Miller Jeans No Limit shirts
Thuggin on tha block me and Rome puttin in work


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