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Lil Rob – My Chick lyrics

You should see my chick
She looks like one of those rap guys girl friends

You should see my chick
You should see my chick
You should see my chick
You should see my chick
You should see my chick

She is fine that is the bottom line
Does she see me or does she see dollars signs (signs)
I don't give a fuck she's fine I am gonna call her mine
She is always looking good
She's mrs hollywood
She treats her kittie cat - just like she should
She's off the hook
She has got the look
I can tell you more off the book
And I don't mind
She's fine can't help to stop and look
I can't find a single flaw
Not at all baby doll got 'em droppin jaws
She'll leave you all in all
Your eyes won't believe what they saw
She's so good she's so bad
And I'm so glad I know that
She's too bad
Front and back
She'll leave your mind blown back
And I could just ramble on & on
About this girl that I got a handle on
She's all that and a bag of chips

[Chorus x2]

And she has got the softest lips
She has got the perfect hips
And she has got the nicets tits
I love what she wears and how it fits
My baby such a tease
She looks so s*** in them juciy jeans
Like a fatasy
Like an image in a magizine
She's always lookin right
Her body's nice and tight
Everything she does she does excacty how I like she's off the hook
She's got the look
I can tell you more off the book
And I don't mind
She's fine
Go head and cop a look
She looks like a million bucks
Got them other women looking rediculous
My chick is dangerous
And just as addictive as angel dust
You can stare
I don't care
Imagine my chick in underwaer
Everybody wants to hit

Hey homie

[Chorus x2]

Yea my chick is off the chain
Enough to drive a grown man insane
36 24 36 she's got the perfect frame

Ohh my god you should see her body she looks like one of those rap guys girls friends

It never seem so quite the same
She's mine and I am gonna clame the fame
She likes it likes to keep me excited
With me can something be - why fight it everyone always checken her out
The one that everbody's talking about
Everybody snap them pics

[Chorus: till end]

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