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Lil Phat – Act Like That lyrics

Oh no...
Oh no...

[Chorus: Lil Phat]
You wonder why I act like dat
Ooo... you my baby it's driving me crazy
We ain't been fucking lately
You wonder why I act like dat
You don't know what you do to me
When I tell you I love ya
That shyt be true to me [x2]

[Verse: Lil Phat]
I wanna kno
What's going on baby you acting like another hoe
Yo girl say she saw me in da mall with another hoe
Why you trippen bae that hoe from marvan
Why you always bitching getting shit started
You supposed to be my baby why you acting crazy
Tellin me da stupid shit like you hate me
I gave you what you wanted I made u out my main thro
And why them hoes talkin them to worry bout what dey main thro
You don't know what you do to me, baby that shit ain't cool to me
When I tell ya I love you, forreal that shit be true to me
Yea I'm tired of all the shit that we be goin thro
You don't love me like you use to, ain't fuckin like we use to
What you trippen on you know you my boo (my boo)
What's wrong with ya... you know you my boo (my boo)
Now can I talk to you (now can I talk to you
Shut up and let me talk to you...


[Verse: Lil Phat]
I'm a kiss you where I miss you
Cause it's been a min since I hit you
I'm sorry that I took you from your first
But there's no mo reggie bae you fuckin with da purp
I tell you shit that make your head hurt but you do me the same
But I can't stop the worst
You on my mind and I can't get you out my head
I'm on the road and I can't wait to get back to my bed
Even wet cause make up sex the best once I got something to release a lot of stress
You holding it down while I'm gone and keep yo legs closed
When we be fuckin I'll have ya hitting the head board
Baby I ain't trippen on you
I'm just trippen on the shit that you do
But baby I ain't trippen on you
I'm just trippen on the shit that you do


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