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Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz – T.I.P. lyrics

[T. I.]

Aye.. Wass happnen mayn? This ya folk... T-I-P.
Da Bankhead Ambassodor. Dig this hea mayn...
Me n my folk, Lil Jon, man ya no what I'm sayin?
We been puttin it all da way down since da muthafuccin
Phillip's Arena wit da Obney. Ya no what I'm sayin?
Bacc when niccaz wanted ya to cut skool and go kicc it
In da muthafuccin Goldmine, ya no what I'm sayin? Kicc it
In front of da muthaufuccin Undaground. Ya no.. Snatch chainz
When da sun go down, ya undastand dat?
So.. You aint fuccin wit no fake nicca.
Aye, I'm da muthafuccin Bankhead Amassodor. I rep da West side,
He rep da East side to da fullest. So we put it all da way down.
Da king of da South and da Kingz of Crunk. Nicca how it get betta den dat?
Keep it pimpin, I'm serious... Bitch

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