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LiL Italy – Budicussy lyrics

Hey I'm home
Hi Baby. What are you doing home so early
What you mean I just got off work early
Wait a minute why you wearing this robe
What's going on
Wait Wait Wait
What the hell is that smell?
I don't smell nothing
Wait a minute Wait a minute
I don't give a shit I smell something
What's going on here

[Lil Italy]
I work hard all day long hours
The smell lingers from the kitchen to the shower
Girl what you been doing in here
Don't act like you can't hear
Now what the fuck is wrong with your hair
Say something bitch just don't stand there
And what you mean nothing
I know you doing something
And it smell like fucking and sucking
The next nigga dick
All up in a nigga shit
Ain't that a bitch
After all I done done for you
Now I gots no love for you
You lucky I don't get in that ass
But I don't need another felony
So what the fuck is you telling me

Chorus: x2
What's that smell? Budicussy
What's that smell? Budicussy
What's that motherfucking smell
Booty dick and pussy

[Lil Italy]
Its Little It and if you ask me
I like my bitches nasty
I spotted me a red-bone chassy
And I couldn't let her walk right pass me
Now she hollaring about her baby daddy
Although that don't concern me
Hit her with the number to my cele
She hit me and I met her at the tele
I bust two nuts on her belly
The room got hot and smelly
From the bed to the table to the sink to the floor
Feeling number three I heard a knock at the door
It was her baby daddy looking mad as hell
When we opened up the door he said..... Bitch!

Chorus: x4
What's that smell? Budicussy
What's that smell? Budicussy
What's that motherfucking smell
Booty dick and pussy

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