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Lil Irocc Williams – I-R-O-C-C lyrics

I-are-O-C-C you ain't know it's just lil ol me
Keep it movin-Ha style finesse
I'm like the ice cream you enjoy the best-Ha
So impressed the best no stress-Ha
Equipped with God's word so I'm blessed-Ha
I-are-O-C-C it's just lil ol me
It's just lil ol me I-are-O-C-C
In the place to be, got things to do
Like hit the booth, rock the mic
(stay focused man) i'ma do what I can
(but you just a kid) still I'm sayin
I rely on Christ completely
So no weapon formed against me
Shall prosper cuz I got faith
When I don't know God shows me the way
Which way to go, which way to turn
What way to live, what I need to learn
I will take you places if you wanna roll with me
[Verse 2:]
Even though I got a little more growin to do
And a lot more flowing for you let's go!
[Chorus 2x]
[Verse 3:]
Now gather round kiddies class is in session
Now pay close attention no chewing gum anyone
I'm bout to open up and school you on where I'm from
Here's how it's done
I may appear small in stature, but what I lack small in size is
Made up for when I exercise, I sweat and rise
I'm getting girls and I'm getting guys
Up out they folly oh golly wolly when I polly
Keep rollin like a trolley
Will he ever stop I don't know, it's safe to say I doubt it
That's irocc he probably
Motorized with a computer in his brain
While most look out the window like commuters on a train
God sent me for the students to be trained
And while I'm here, add newness to the game
Come on and rock with me
Come on and roll with me
I'll take you places you ain't never seen before
Come on and rock with me
Come on and roll with me
I'll take you places you ain't never seen before
[Chorus 2x]

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