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Lil Crazed – 3:45 AM lyrics

3: 45 am, my phone just died in my hand
My girl keep thinking that I'm playing all these little games again, no
See, I'm just trying to get my ass on before you pack up all your bags and go
Swerving off through the traffic, should've put down that last trick
Everything looking blurry, and I hurry, start to panic
Yellow lights, quick to turn, that was right where getting burvroom
Close call, but I'm not at all concerned
The only thing on my mind, will I make it home in time
Before you leave it all behind, baby, please don't leave this blind no
See, I'm just trying to get my ass on before you pack up all your bags and go
Too much time in that studio, you don't care, but if you ain't know
You assume that I'm doing hoes, but baby you're too beautiful
For me to fuck like that, huh, baby you should know
Our relationship ain't ready for a funeral
I swear to God, I ain't doing wrong
Not doing chicks, I'm doing songs
Down the route where you should know, but they took off that cruise control
Used to roll on the smoothest road, as if you would go
Now all these obstacles are pothouse, made us lose control
And I don't know what you're feeling, but I can tell you it's killing
Me inside, the reason I'm driving home so quickly
Wait, why is it so damn dark, I'm on the ass fo'
My car's forty feet far, and I can't walk

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    I posted the lyrics before I made this account and never claimed it as mine. Obviously, this has a lot of meaning to me. To me, this song is about a guy who's out late at night at the bar, not to play games or be with anyone, but to be away and have time to think a little bit about his relationship. He then looks at his watch and realizes that it's 3: 45 am and his girl is like any other, the protective one who doesn't really trust a guy to be late out at night. He doesn't want to end the relationship and it used to be good. He loves her and tries to do everything to keep her, including the risk of his life. He then gets into a car accident and yet he still tries get home.
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