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Lil Boosie – She Want Some lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
Once again Boosie back cutin' up
I'm back up on the scene, but I'm shining brighter
Bad bitches on me I'm a certified piper
Weak ass rappers are you ready for the drama
In the club looking for my six baby mommas
If I catch her with her draws down Imma do ya
I had to wait behind the wall like a convict, to run shit, turn up bitch
Cause [?]
[?], and white girls too
Got my own clothing line, Boosie ready to shoot
Bad bitch in every state, nice ass pretty face
Girl, I'm back big money heavyweight
Boosie, badass

Realest nigga in your town
In the club looking for the baddest bitch around
If I catch her lookin' at my eyes, Imma do her
If I catch her lookin' at my eyes, Imma do her
I'm from the [?], and I don't give a fuck
I know you thought I wouldn't be back, but you can't keep me down
Stop playin' with me, stop playin' with me
This for the black bones, caramels, and bad ass yellow bones
She want some, me too, me too, me too, me too
Oh she want some, me too, me too, me too
It's that badass Boosie boy

[Verse 2:]
I can't stand to have her, you heard bout me
My business, my business, don't worry bout me
You lookin' good, I want you bad
I want your body and your head
They call me nino cause C notes stacking taller
I'm gettin' bread
Got my [?], my Gucci shades
[?], you ain't really bout' that thug shit
Boy I show ya
Diamond rings, [?]
Stop playin' with me, stop playin' before you get exposed
Had a dime cause last night I bust her wide open
Her dude trippin', better chill
He must don't know I keep that bulldog barrel smokin'


[Verse 3:]
You been givin' all your cookies to these rookies, girl stop
It's bout time you pussy pop in this clean drop-top
Oh you vet, now you wet, now you ready to play
That look in your eyes say you goin' go hard
Got a pocket full of money, I pay for it
Ain't tryin to wait for it, I pay for it
I know you want it, I can see it in your eye babe
Me too, so I ain't goin' let you slide babe
We got the bottles [?], with some bad ho's
You can't resist it you know you itchin' for this bankroll
So stop playin' with me, stop playin' with me
Cause I fuck that [?] and I don't give a fuck


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