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Letoya – Play lyrics

1st Verse:
Hey baby, how you doing
Been a long time
I know you've been grinding
Cause you gotta shine
So boy what's up, you been on my mind
Take a chick out, let her know what you about
You think cause you on dubs that you can't be called a scrub
Boy you need to think again, try and get your weight up
Might need to take a hint, baby get a game up
Work that flip, grind boy

Chorus (Bella):
Grind boy, let me see you work that
Flip that, let me see you get stats
Unh unh boy, go on head and triple that
Work that, let me see you flip stacks
Unh, don't play with it
Do your thang with it
Just bang with it
No shame in it
Boy put your game in it
Work that flip, grind boy

2nd Verse:
You lookin' kinda cute in your red mocknee
Catch you on the block, can I call you Bruce Lee
Let's take a ride in my new gt
Or we can hit the mall, a little shopping spree
Yeah, that's how I like it
You know you wanna taste this honey don't fight it
Bring it over here, a little closer boy
Work that flip, grind boy


3rd Verse (Bella):
Yeah and I'ma spend it all up
High saditty chicks love balling ass thugs
Platinum credit cards for they women like what
Bring cash for that ass and I'ma tear em all up like
Unh unh
Daddy what you working with
Got me popping tags, shopping bags, I'm for certain it's
Nothing but the best for you toy
Work that flip, grind boy
Moan to end

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