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Lee Majors – The Unknown Stuntman lyrics

I'm not the kind to kiss'n tell but I've been seen with Farrah.
I've never been with any thing less than a nine so fine.
I've been on fire with Sally Field, gone fast with a girl named Bo.
But somehow they just don't end up as mine.

It's a death defying life I lead, I take my chances.
I'd die for a livin' in the movies and TV.
But the hardest thing I ever do is watch my leading ladies,
kiss some other guy while I'm bandaging my knee.
I might fall from a tall building, I might role a brand new car.
'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman who made Redford such a star.

I never spent much time in school, but I tought ladies plenty.
It's true I hire my body out for pay. Hey Hey!
I've gotten burned over Cheryl Tiegs, blown up for Raquel Welch.
But when I wind up hittin' the hay, it's only hay. Hey hay!
I might jump an open drawbridge or Tarzan from a vine.
'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman who made Eastwood look so fine.

They'll never make me president, but I got the best first ladies.
Somedays I got'em as far as the eye can see. Oowee!
A morning dive with Jackie Smith, a crash in the night with Cheryl.
But in the end they never stay with me.

I might fall from a tall building, so Burt Reynolds don't get hurt.
I might leap a mighty canyon, so he can kiss'n flirt.
While that smooth talkers kissin' my girl, I'm just kissin' dirt.
'Cause I'm the lonely stuntman who made a lover out of Burt.

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    It's obvious that the song is about a lonely stuntman who can't seem to get a break with the women of Hollywood but the one thing that's interesting is were there is a brief cross over reference to his estranged wife Farrah at that time.
    Lee Majors did a really great job singing the theme song 'The Unknown Stuntman' since he had the right voice to sing it with.
    There is this one verse that was perfectly put together for one or two seasons, after that it was all out of sync.
    The verse goes... "But when I wind up hittin' the hay, it's only hay." For this portion the stunt scene showed a biplane coming in from off the field, racing through the farm property and crashes into a barn. After that the verse ends with the stuntman saying "Hey Hey!" as the stuntman is seen hitting the hay (thrown into the hay.
    In another variation of this verse that worked well too had a similar sinaro.
    The stuntman would sing "But when I wind up hittin' the hay", the biplane would be seen coming in off the field, through the farm and crashes into a barn. Followed by "it's only hay. as the stuntman is seen hitting the hay and "Hey Hey!" As the boards from the barn fall down upon the stuntman.

    Personally, with the Lee Majors wearing that leather jacket while hitting the hay and with him singing that verse the way he did sure added sexappeal to that stunt. I give him an enthusiastic "HEY HEY!"
    'Cause he's the unknown stuntman who made hitting the hay look so fine.
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