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Laquan – Swing Blue, Sweat Black lyrics

Swing it
Swing it
Swing it
Swing it..

[ verse 1: Laquan ]
Swing blue and sweat black a massive strain is on my brain
400 years of pain are flowing through my veins
The fight is for glory, the cause is mandatory
Stress, strife, the price you pay in life
Heads rattle between a skin battle
Purpose is worthless, hell met the surface
Earthly desires have kept you spiritually dead
Look beyond and your starving soul is fed
Some have strayed from Afrocentric ways
On a never ending quest for better days
Many sin, peace is made within
No time to spare, the clock continues to spin
I have a question, why test a
Brother who can still feel the pain of his ancestors?
(Stand up) Pledge of allegiance, of what?
Burn the flag, system is unjust
Shocked, your mouth dropped, you wonder why I said that
Swing blue and sweat black

Swing it
Swing it
Swing it
Swing it..

[ verse 2: Laquan ]
Seeking survival in a world of wickedness
Whether so-called good or hypocrites
Gotta defend the home I descend
Frighten my color might cover when blend
Times are tough, can't give up, I'm livin in mud
Divine truth only comes through flesh and blood
Must survive in the jungle of concrete
The zone where the wicked enslave the meek
Enemies suffer, disciples prevail
We shall now be the head, no longer the tail
My providence is purified guidance, spiritually
So what if you don't dance as long as you're hearin me
Rhythmic influence with a mental contact
Swing blue and sweat black

Swing it
Swing it
Swing it
Swing it..

[ verse 3: Laquan ]
Blood shed, a young brother lies dead
He was shot by cop the other night

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