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La Toya Jackson – You're Gonna Get Rocked lyrics

For those of you who didn't believe
Roll up your sleeves
And if you're hangin' (Cool!)
And if you're not (Just leave!)
Cause Latoya is throwin' down with her new sound (In full effect)
So gimme some respect (Or we'll put you in check)
Kick it off boys
It's time to get correct (Bet)

Think I better put you in check
You're showin' me much disrespect
(Whoa oh oh oh oh)
You're gonna get rocked
This time you have gone too far
Gonna sock you when you're hot
And leave a scar
(Whoa oh oh oh oh)
You're gonna get rocked
You ask me if I know what to do
Well homeboy who in the hell
Are you talkin to
(Whoa oh oh oh oh)
You gonna get rocked
I'm gonna hit you in the chest with the best
Feel the drums
Gonna know where I'm comin from
(Whoa oh oh oh oh)
You're gonna get rocked by me

Check the move
Check the time
Go for yours
I'm goin' for mine
(Whoa oh oh oh oh)
You're gonna get rocked
Throw your hands in the air
Let's break through
Keep movin' and groovin
As a rockin rule
I ain't gonna stop
Till I hit the top
Come on Full Force
Let the beat rock

Slow down to throw down
I just mow down
Whoever stands in my way
That's lowdown
A showdown when you're round
That's how we'll go round
Get your hands out of my face
Or we'll throw down
This is my house
And a party I'm givin'
Tell me (How the hell you livin!)
You can't take or shake
The sounds I make
You're gonna get dissed
Unless you break

You're gonna get rocked
You're gonna get rocked
I like it
I ain't takin no prisoners

I like it
You're gonna get rocked
You're gonna get rocked

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