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La The Darkman
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La The Darkman

Snakeskin Down lyrics

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La The Darkman – Snakeskin Down lyrics

I rock my gucci bucket like fuck it with a musket
Got an rnb broad with me like latoya locket
Pull it out, she suck it
She know the routine
In the back of the phantom with a tantum
Riding clean, 4karat pinky ring, better recognize a don
I caught her back the bricks with a tom breedy arm
Coach like belocheck, even though I write the check
From niggas worldwide got undivided respect
Different flavors or marvin gators, hoes congratulate us
Have em dancing in the mansion, keep a pistol for you haters
Taking the escalator, up the road to success
When it come to traffickin coke, nigga I’m the best
Way down in texas, they know the name live
I always got work nigga, even when it’s dry
Take an eye for an eye, boy that’s no lie
You ever cross me wrong, somebody gonn die
Snakeskin down

Snakeskin down to the floor, but they air ones
Diamonds on the handle, lift the hammer, that’s a rear gun
Hunned worth of weed, that’s a blunt that needs head son
I don’t floss much, I be in the cut
Bossed up, hittin the dutch, whip them the …something
But when I ate bird, I bought duck, 500 a plate
I’ve been straight nigga, you caught up
Snakeskin fitty too, I ain’t have to rap
I can bag up a brick, off the shake of the digital
Styles p, bun b, leave you ain’t critical
Dames wanna talk this preacher but it ain’t biblical
Yeah, and the drama is all visual
You ain’t affiliated, with the affiliates
Just cut out the silly shit nigga, you just miserable
Got a cannon that will make you invisible
Bitch ass trip make a million will be a miracle

They know it ain’t minutes, live …kush with the window tinted
And that’s how we represent it
No lease, no borrow, if you see me in it today
You see me tomorrow
I got no sorrow for haters, no second ...
Fuck niggas for redemptions then get it from the lord
The lord forgives, but the trill ass niggas coming back for his
I can’t say it, no play now
I write it more clear
You might be on another level bitch but you ain’t here
It take more than the chains, more than the cars and clothes
How you a millionaire with 5 dollar hoes
Keep it trill pimpin, you know how it goes
Snakeskin down to the floor

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