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Kylie Minogue – B.P.M lyrics

Verse 1:
Just loose yourself
Give into the music, oh you can do it (yeah yeah)
And free your mind
Don't think about it, now were running, dancing

Wanna appoligise
Baby I know, what I want tonight
I'm on a super highway baby better give way
(yeah yeah ohhhh)

Don't wanna turn it down
I'm hungry for your sound
I wanna loose myself (oh I like your rhythm)
And I can't help myself
For me there's no one else
I wanna loose myself in your beats per minute!
(woow woow Your beats per minute) times 4

[Verse 2:]:
Feeling high 24/7
Oh it feels like heaven (baby)
Through the night
Keep it flowing, it's cool and you know it yeah yeah

Can't run or hide
Baby I know, what I feel inside
A facinating rhythm devine
(yeah yeah ohhhh)


Ohhh I can't deny it (no no no)
That this beats got me flying
Ohhh you oughta try it
Ooohhhh yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

Chorus- repeat till fade

(over chorus in back ground)
Don't you feel it?
Don't you want it too?
Don't you need it?
Your beats per minute
Don't you feel it?
Don't you want it too?
Don't you need it?
Yeah yeah
Don't you feel it?
Don't you want it too?
Don't you need it?

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