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Kyle Young – The Excuse lyrics

Hook: (x2)
Took a pill one day and I
Have never been the same and I
Remain to die, the date and time
Where sane and I
One day unite

Verse 1:
Now whatever it takes, I'm gonna grace the place
With the acest face till I make or break
Go till I see the sign like ace of base
When I find it, it's blinding like place some shades
On my ocular can't stop seeing spots because
I was sponsored by the vodka till I stopped popping pops for her
Got a thousand offers sir
Got tired of seein' officers
Now I rock binoculars
Far into the future
Delorean dileria, historian hysteria
Involved in the interior
Watching Alice balance as I fall into the mirror 'cause
Lost it all and there it was my conscious wasn't very loved
But I still go the high road,
Cut down the amount that I smoke
Sober buzz simul—
Spontaneous I'm not blamin' shit
After all it's my life
That's why I'm saying this

Hook: (x2)

Verse 2:
Crushed up, cut up, quick up the nose
Love struck, tongue stuck, sticks to the soul
It depends on the dose, will it rip in a whole
Bigger it gets, swifter than a flip of a switch
Riskin' a load, endin' is the riches and gold
Minimum many bumps, what the Internet told
The ribbons'll flow
Straight to where the pigeons'll go
In a river, in a cove, into victories road
Kick in the door, don't enter like a visitor bro
Take a stand like a landlord, renters'll know
With the handle of a damn sword give 'em a show
You're a candle or a lantern, give it a glow
Live it or blow
Bam bam bigger to low
Put my best can-can on rigmarole
Me and crazy go together like winter and snow
I'll eventually slow
In a century though

Hook: (x2)

Took a pill one day and I
Have never been the same and I
Remain to die, the date and time
Where sane and I
One day unite

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