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Kuniva – Hot Box lyrics

I see you in my dreams waking up and dread
And then another man is gonna be end tryin not to sweat it
But I can't help it I know I'm selfish I see myself in it
I Malcom the mouth that you welcome fit
I just wanna stay inside and please and in and out when I tease her
She likes when I am deeper she love it when I am deeper
I'm all in giving it my heart hittin every ball
I know they hear em some dime the hall
Apart by destruction is seven that I'm fucking you out
I'm still amazed how you had do my mike
I'm stead enough inside you making it hot
And this little place the concentration
I see you staring right in my face
She love to see me bustin, love to see me comin
She knows we're not exclusive, she excepts I have a woman
I acknowledge that another person will come along and get it
I just want her to remember how I hit it
I can't help stare at you, I know that I'm suitable
Got me thinking like damn what am I've been doing you
Play enough thinking bout you smell what you feel
So fuck what they did to me you are that deal
All day thinking bout giving ways to put it down
Sometimes recording the ways we look and sound
Late night she open the door and let me in
I close it tight behind me let the fucking begin
Sometimes she wanna quick I'm in and out I'm tearing down
Otherwise I'm in it for a minute and it's been a while
Long inside your box my breath control us perfect
I call the shots, no bars no stops
So excited when I pull up and see you
I want you in the first way I wanna feed you this
Baby you've been needing this,
I don't care who had you before they gotta deal with it
Even though I'm sweating the nerve I still chill with it
I am so real with it, I'll with it, heal in it
Romance still with it, talking to and feel in it
She likes it when I'm aggressive, she cuff me fine
And she's thinking out of it,
When she feels I'm teaching on a lesson
The chemistry is enormous we can't ignore it
So let me in and such a short time
The best of friend licking my left,
Preparing my mouth for the love session
I back up and only for protection
And why this talking to me I zone now
Is hard to pay attention 'cause I'm finnin and thinking of you
When hard and get back in it
I gotta have it threaten... Take a drink
'Cause the day without that hot box you're walking barely feet
You're my bad habit now look at the ceiling when I'm laying down
Thinking how I wanna lay it down I don't' play around
I just wanna put it down, freak you like nobody else
And when I'm inside you I know that I'm felt
I just wanna bring to my home but this is complicated
They wouldn't be able to take it
The more I bust the more that she last for me
Every time she know I'm coming she just hope enough for me
She can take it all,
I stumble with my words but she never let me fall
She is right there every time my nigga make a call
I try to restrain myself from fucking her
Secretly I know that I'm in love with her
Maybe I'm just sucker her
In my ear I hear phones know that I'm dead wrong
I know that I want it her until they sizzle up my head storm
I know the story of others who got it and told me
And makes me wanna more so I suck her so she adores me
Until we meet again just know that you are the truth
I can't wait to get myself back in the proof
Until we meet again just know that you are the truth
I can't wait to get myself back in that boo
In that boo

She is my bitch is my boo baby
I've been fucking her all the time
We've been fucking for the longest
Love making about this... How we smell
She lot of shit here every time I come and see her
She just all over there

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