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Ksysenka – Shoot If You Are Not Afraid lyrics

Shoot if you are so brave
I am not afraid of being dead
Try to threaten me again
Otherwise you should be scared

I am ready to crash the attack
My mind-set is not absolutely mad
I act as a jackass
You'd better escape

Am I playing too much?
You are satisfied
No, just did not get enough
Now I am a guide

Suffer long tonight
Envy because I'm alive
I will not die
Find me in ward number nine

I can't it justify
So many bullets on my side
But I don't cry
Pushing you aside

Many times I ask myself why
But now understand help won't come
And bloody line covered the sky
We just dying for somebody's lie

Who will have mercy on us?
We're trying hard
I see heartless setup
After violence I must fight

Devil you won't see my brine
I keep pride shining
Ready to sacrifice all rights
I will not stop striving

And you thought I would give up
You wanna surrender me smiling


Don't expect to kill me now
Let's fire non-stopping
What is my admirable lust?
You see me hunting

Want it closer, please come up
You are ready to destroy my life
Happy to accept new shot
I don't listen to advice

Straight kick to my heart
Will I see the ray of light?
But I like the way you smite
Burn tonight my pretty guy

I would never do it twice
Let me take grenade-gun
Caz I'm working on new strike
I'm not glad to be disarmed

I just heard another snipe
Where's your fantastic might?
Now great strategy thrives
Losing your back sight

Flee like a stupid psycho
Throw patrons with dynamite
No, it's not block baster
Hunger for new fight

Your stamina got the power?
I have many rifles
Need somebody under cover?
Send more stalkers

Now it's fatal hour
My gift is brass knuckles
Fear killed the glower


Take my credit
You won't get me
My duel is incredible
Stronger any agony

Don't accept the claim
Absolutely loyal to the game
I wanna have another chance
To proof my strength

And I don't care
That you 're already breathless
Caz I keep creating strategy
You losing all defense

I'm happy as a rabbit
To overcome the hedge
It was unreal barricade


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