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KRS-One & Buckshot – Robot lyrics

[Intro: krs-One (Buckshot)]
Yeaaaaaaaah! We got another one, Buck! (Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uhhhh)
We got another one! (Like a ro-o-o-bot!)
Yo Drew waddup man!
Let's go...

[Chorus: Buckshot]
Errybody wanna rap, everybody wanna sing
Errybody do their thing like a motherfuckin ro-Bot
When the show stop, whatcha know about
How to go about - this
Errybody wanna rap, everybody wanna sing
Errybody do their thing like a motherfuckin ro-Bot
When the show stop, whatcha know about
How to go about - this

Seems like you can't sing or rap these days
Without Autotune in the back these days
Well fuck that! I got somethin to say
With brown blunts, green weed and the smoke is grey, see (Heeeey!)
The best to do it was Roger Troutman
Nah shorty, T-Pain didn't come out then!
I was about ten, had striped Adidas
Raised from the back in the days, all types of leaders
Now, I'm like dang, they sound the same
Buck voice is original, he authored reigns
Dr. J, Barry White, whoa!
Or Barry Manilow, the flow like dag he nice
So, keep that original flow
That "Bucktown", Duck Down, that shit you know...
Huh, and I don't flip no O's
2000-and-right-now, when I spit they know


This ain't a diss to nobody's art
'Cause Afrika Bambaataa really gave it a start
You go back in the history of rap man
And you'll see classic jams like Planet Rock and Pac Jam
Go online, look up Kraftwerk
Everything we doin is past work
We already wore that hat, those pants and that shirt
So do you man if that works!
But we really here to talk about all the copies
Cause when it comes to hip-hop, we the orthodoxy
Cats poorly copy, copy sloppy
In that section, young people should not be!
There used to be a time, when you were writing your rhyme
You observed the rule of no bitin
No imitatin, no hate and no fakin
We started breakin, so we could stop fightin
Get enlightened - I battle you, you battle me
The crowd judges the originality
It's not about a salary
It's all about describing the reality that's grabbin me accurately


[Buckshot (Robot):]
I can't rap - (Pass me the program)
I can't sing - (Pass me the prograaaaam)
It's so sad to me
Kris, tell 'em more why it's like a factory, actually

[Krs-One (Buckshot):]
Hip-hop is the new urban faculty
A function of collective mental anatomy
You cats got it backwards, you say real is wack
And the fake shit, that's good!
Well, keep on fakin (we'll just keep makin)
Joints like these (to keep the spot shakin)
Buckshot (Krs)
We F(R) E (S) H - fresh!
(Uh, uh-uh-uh-uh-uhhhhh)


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