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Krs-One – South Bronx 2002 lyrics

This what you call hardcore, fat gospel.. Street gospel

[all] South South, Bronx!
[Krs] Yo where my people at?
[all] South South, Bronx!
[Krs] Yo where my heart is at?
[all] South South, Bronx!
[Krs] C'mon let's bring it back
[all] South South, Bronx!

Raw rhymes for raw times
My albums are underground, but this blessing is all mine
And when it's tour time, we open more minds
You need to rethink who you think is the ""Greatest of All Time""
I got this -- I'm raw like Freddie Foxxx is
Hardcore like The lox is, Scott Larock is where Tupac is
Where hip-hop is, Digital-ly Underground like Shock is
Oh yes -- I know where the top is
But I'd rather rhyme about how crooked some of these cops is
My synopsis ain't pretty
I'd stay, off them plains and, out the city if I were you
Do what you gotta do
But while you wave them flags, remember Amadou.. Diallo
Here's what we gotta do, follow
I'll put hip-hop in you if you're hollow
Those that already filled, still take swallows
Goin over potholes with Tahoes
You don't think I know? Huh! I'm lookin at you right now
You ain't dancin in the club, you in your car, sittin down
You in the crib, on the low
You got them headsets on the go
You just saw me at the show - oh you don't know?
It's the Temple of Hip-Hop, comin, with a whole different flow
Yo where them hoes at? I don't know
But wherever God at, I'ma go
I give 'em a hard rap and a flow
That's why when they call back for the show, with no video
We get up and go!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
[Krs] Yo where it started at?
[all] South South, Bronx!
[Krs] Yo where my people at?
[all] South South, Bronx!

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