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Krishna Das – Sita's Prayer / Hey Mata Durga lyrics

1. Jaya jaya Giribararaaja kishori/
jaya mahesha mukha chanda chakori
Jaya gajabadana khadaanana maataa/
jagata janani daamini duti gaataa

Glory to you O Daughter of the Mountain
Who looks upon Lord Shiva as a partridge on the moon.
Ganesh and Kartikeya are not your only children,
For you are the shining Mother of all of the creation.

2. Nahin taba aadi madya awasana/
amita prabaau bedu nahin jaana
Bhava bhava bibhava paraabhava kaarini/
bishwa bimohani swabasa bihaarini

You have always been and will exist for eternity
Even the Vedas cannot fathom your depths completely
You are the cause of all existence and its final dissolution
You are the Ultimate enticer, playing with all creation

3. Sewata tohi sulabha phala chaari/
baradaayanee tripuraari piyaaree
Devi pooji pada kamala tumhaare/
sura nara muni saba hohin sukhaare

O Grantor of all wishes, divine partner of the Lord
Serving you leads us to life's greatest rewards
O Devi, gods, humans, and sages are bow at your lotus feet
And in doing so they easily gain all that they truly seek

4. Mora manoratha jaanahun neeken/
basahu sadaa ura pura sabahee ken
Keenhe-un pragata na kaarana teheen/
asa kahi charana gahe baidehin

You know the deepest desires that reside in my heart
Because within that abode we are never ever apart
It is because of this that I never spoke my thoughts
Saying so, the divine Sita bowed to her sacred feet

5. Vinaya prema basa bha-i Bhavaanee/
khasi maala murati musukaanee
Saadara siyan prasaadu sira dhareu/
bolee Gauri harashu hiyan bhare-u

In Sita's love and devotion, the Goddess was absorbed
Then she dropped a flower lei as her image sweetly smiled
Sita took the gift and placed it around her neck
Parvati's hearted filled with joy and happiness, she spoke:

6. Sunu siya satya aseesa hamaari/
puji hi mana kaamanaa tumhaaree
Naarada bachana sadaa suchi saachaa/
so baru milihi jaahin manu raachaa

"Hey Sita, listen to my blessing and then be assured
Your deep inner desire will surely be fulfilled
The words spoken by Narada are always pure and true
He whom you desire will become your husband

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