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Kool Keith – I'm A Tell-u lyrics

People! You're stuck in nineteen seventy-four
witcha boring producers
Your videos are boring, same girls singin
Everybody tryin to be George Clinto and Jimi Hendrix wannabes
I'm beyong that average cha cha, that trendy Southside music
People don't hate, just motivate

You spent twenty years rappin about diamonds and Dom P
Moet and bubbly, while you front your wife and girlfriend hug me
Studio gangsters lamp at Fort Lee
With transexuals tryin to hide in secret spots in New Jersey
Cats pose in leased double-R's with two-way pagers
Frontin like you like women I seen you on your Motorola
typin the best places to meet up with Richard Simmons and Jack Lemmon
When you in Cali you hide in the Valley
rentin the Sheraton suites
Callin young boys that look like Johnny Versace
to meet you at Miami Beach
You wear black all the time, you look wack all the time
Got the nerve to try to pose with a girl, then spit a hard rhyme
Like you run the streets with thugs
and move with brothers who do mad crime

I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel

Take you out simple add a dim effect to your spotlight
You think you hot right
Surround the tables got you kissin your bodyguards, holdin Cris'
The last time I heard a guy called you a dude
with a FUBU jacket said "excuse you miss"
With his hair like Lil' Kim, contact lenses
Dapper Dan gear with ice on his wrist
Your hype man walk with a twist
Just like the girls, you want a man that's rich
You want a guy to say come here BIZZITCH
Yo, you like the way celebrities fondle you and touch
You wanna look onstage and stare at the crotch
I know a type of guy like you that try like you
Wear lipstick and cry like you

I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel

Trendy guy like you with your man watchin Hendrix
Look at the way your corny album was mixed
That feminine stuff y'all put out was marketing tricks
Clones with costumes step out of my dressin room
Duplicators break down the reel
Your DJ funny style that makes it a trio
I don't care if you got a budget and per diem
I saw you jockin Marilyn Manson in the Niko
Your sound is outdated you network with a lot of people

I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel
I'm a tell you how I feel

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