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Knights Of The Abyss – The House Of Crimson Coin lyrics

Jekyll island 1910
The gathering of conspired secrecy perfected over a century orchestrating the worlds grandest of schemes perfected over a century
Waiting endlessly for the moment of total control
Conceived in 1910, a gathering of seven I'll bound men seven black hearted men
Built upon a hypocratic oath a ruse of the swine your child of delusive deception
Through momentary gains and the house of crimson coin
Profits through dept inevitably control

Pressing on unquestioned for their network of pay offs intertwined in every aspect of society
Our majority absolute authority
Lavish parties are thrown in our honor and they drink to their most behemoth of power
They care not of material gain but pleasure is theirs for our struggle and pain
On the island of secretive sands
They've constructed their gradual rise to power
They have waited us out
Silently weaving weds of their running craft

Power is their gold, fear is their tool, freedom extinct we have all been fooled

What is to blame but our human condition greed and the ideal of power
The men who set out to Jekyll that day put into action this timeless condition
But with this condition comes freedom of choice they've choose the path of infinite corruption
The end of an age is closing it's chapter
Tare down the laws created at Jekyll

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