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Klaatu – Sell Out, Sell Out lyrics

Mama don't need to Ph. D. In sociology
To be aware of the revolution happening in the streets
Papa said trends keep changing like the tides upon the sea
I'm gonna jump on the wagon now to rest my aching feet

I've made up my mind and I'm gonna get my piece too
Now is the time there isn't a day to lose
I've had it to here just watching that world go by
This is the year that either we do or we die

Sell out, sell out that's the name of the game
Sell out, sell out that anybody can play
Sell out, sell out I think you know what I mean
Sell out, sell out crank up that funk machine

I'm tired of breaking my back to please
Critics who can't be pleased
It's time I looked out for number one
Time I looked out for me
I've gotta face the reality of living in the real world
Before I end up an old man feeding peanuts to the squirrels

I finally heard the little voice in my head
It gave me the word you wanna know what it said?
Don't be a sap get rid of that cross you bear
'Cause taking the rap won't make you a millionaire


Sell out, sell out can't pay no bills with your pride
Sell out, sell out I know 'cause baby I tried
Sell out, sell out it's easy once you concede
Sell out, sell out that love ain't all you need
Play that funky music play that funky beat
Play that funky music love ain't all you need

The ivory tower's fallen down
The nickels and dimes are spent
I've given up castles in the air
I couldn't afford the rent
Every man has his selling price
I'm taking the highest bid
Come out of the clouds, Sir Rupert said
And do what Stevie did

(Peddle yourself!) Peddle yourself you'd better take my advice
Or sit on the shelf he couldn't be more precise
Don't get me wrong I'd hate to be misconstrued
But stringing along it's the only left to do


Yeah sell out, sell out you've gotta move with the times
Sell out, sell out or they'll surely leave you behind
Sell out, sell out there's no sweeter sound than the crash
Sell out, sell out of freshly minted cash

Play that funky music play that funky beat
Play that funky music love ain't all you need

Sell out sell out sell out
Sell out sell out sell out

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