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Kinks – Definite Maybe lyrics

Got a letter through the post that says I don't exist.
Apparently the new computer thinks I wont be missed.
We need more facts, perhaps you would find out and forward them.
There's no proof or trace or date or place or where or when.
Central informations got no news today (today).
Is there a change in my position?
No decision, no decision.

All I ever get is a definite maybe.

Head office thinks I'm dead,
But I'm not even ill.
How do I get attention,
Tell me who I have to kill.
Is there a change in my condition?
Not today.
The answer comes with repetition,
No decision, no decision.

Round and round the circle goes,
Stood in line but the counter was closed.
And when I ask who is responsible,
Nobody knows, try one of those.

All I want is a yes or a no,
(all he wants is a yes or a no).
But all I ever get is a definite maybe.
Tried to make my life a misery,
But they don't want to know,
They don't want to know,
They don't want to know.

And all I ever get is a definite maybe.
No decision, no decision.

Surely there must be a way to open all the doors,
And wade through all the petty bureaucratic little laws.
Frustration everywhere I turn, I just get more and more.
Everyones got problems and they've heard all mine before.

Oh, I'm tired of making endless calls.
(somebody help this poor man.)
Banging my head against the wall.
I walk along an endless corridor,
Then I knock on the door, then I realize
That I've been there before.
No one here can hear my case.
So all I ever get is a definite maybe.
When they say, no news today, get back in the queue,
What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?
No decision, no decision.
No decision.
All I ever get (no decision) is a definite maybe (no decision).

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