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Kim Davis – One Day lyrics

Verse 1:
Early morning were coming
No more sleeping there’s so much we gotta do
See I’m beaming
Ready to go out and get what I need
Were running at the speed of light
There’s no stopping I’m going all day and night
I’m fighting and I won t stop till I get what is mine

Pre Hook:
I gotta put in so much time and maybe
It will last forever
Lets help one another
Lets find our way together

Gotta stand up and be who you are
Just believe one day you’ll be a star
One day, one day it's all gonna come this way
Wake up wake up follow your dreams
Were gonna show them we can do anything
One day, one day it's all gonna come this way

Verse 2
There’s a green light lets keep rolling
Straight ahead we can rest a little later tonight
When the going gets ruff I promise I will be by your side
Just keep breathing, keep believing
There’s a reason and it makes you feel alive
It is everything!
Always keep your eyes set on the prize

Pre Hook:


Put your heart into your dreams
It's easier then it seems
You could do anything if you just believe
That one day

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