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Kid Talk – Get Original lyrics

This is how we do
Get original love baby, make it true
This is how we do
Get original moves baby, show us your due
This is how we do
Get original act baby, give us our cue
This is how we do
Nobody does it just like us, so show us some love

Verse 1
Fresh like native son
Beat out bitch, it's number one
Show me some love
Kick back, baby start to run
101 drum
You don't want none
I show you fun
Just start to (start to) run


Verse 2
Pop that and show you some
My calling baby it's the gunline one
Got burned on the ton
Ready? Ready? Here I come
Pistol grip, pump
Hold yourself, jump
Watch your back, game swinging on attack
Red and black, air force one
The colors of my native dated son
Hold yourself
Lose yourself
Turned track, jump up, and just bang yourself
Buck pass the blunt
F--- aim this stunt
Turn your backside and give it a punt


Verse 3
Load your sixty automatic gun
Bang your spine; screw them one on one
Stuff might pop on out
Get the f--- laid out
Cherry sixty four
Slam and lock the door
Say I got no class
Say I came up too fast
The hell if I care, I just want my cash
Boogie ass bitches, you can kiss my ass


Verse 4
I got a fast lip, straight flip
Take you off the transit
Quicker than you can say
I'm just in for some hot shit
Touch me, tease me, kiss me, please me
Take the load off up in tv
Cash and cars
Crashing bars
Hit it baby, faster, hard

Chorus X2

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