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Kid Rock – God Save Rock'n'Roll lyrics

Boy next door not too complacent
Lost till he found how to pound the pavement
He walked like a saint lost far in a world of sin

No mama to assure his situation
A misfit piss poor education
He talked a big game but never could seem to win

And southwest Detroit ain’t a place to talk no trash
You can throw some dap but it’s best not to flash no cash
You grow up quick, fightin’ for the upper end of lower class
And sometimes ya feel like sand in an hour glass
Hey there young man, you better dig down deep in your soul
You better learn to play and pray God save rock n roll

He got a four-piece band for his graduation
A second hand van and they toured the nation
But no one seemed to ever wanna sing a long

They headed out west to find salvation
But the Sunset Strip’s a big temptation
The girls and cocaine seemed to write every song

But east LA ain’t a place to talk no trash
You can play for tips but how long can that life last
You grow up quick, writin’ checks your ass can’t cash
And sometimes ya feel like life’s movin’ way too fast
Hey there young man, you better dig down deep in your soul
You better find your way and pray God save rock n roll

Yeah God, save rock n roll
If you could find a way I swear I won’t sell my soul
Hey God, save rock roll
Pave the way and hey God save rock n roll
He got pegged to be the next sensation
A big fat check for his aggravation
And a renegade spot tucked way high up in the hills

His songs played strong on every station
And MTV in full rotation
And his garage was filled up with big Cadillac DeVilles

He sold his soul it was fabrication
Found success but lost his patience
Cuz livin’ on the road ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

He got dropped in the middle of consolidation
His wife took half and then taxation
Left him right back at the alter on his knees

And southwest Detroit ain’t a place to talk no trash
Hey mister big shot, how’s it feel to be back?
Yeah you made it, became a member of the upper class
Forgot your roots and made everybody kiss your ass
Hey there young man, I bet ya never thought you'd get this old
I’m still tryin’ to be, I’m still singin’ in key, I’m still livin’ free
So fuck you all I said long live rock n roll!

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