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Kicked In The Head – Fix My Sink lyrics

Slumlord! My place ain't worth shit
Nothing works my ceiling leaks quite a bit
Slumlord you're a pain in my fat ass
There's a blizzard coming and I've got no gas
I said now man, I knew you'd blow it
And if I had grass I'd make you mow it
Everyday! Just 'cause you're a prick
And for once I'd want things my way

I've got problems with my rent
I've got problems with my...

Slumlord! I'll kill you to death, man
I'll knock your house down with
A wrecking ball so there's nothing left
Me and the unabomber will send you a bomb
I said I'll blow up your ass
And all my problems will be gone
Now I've had enough of these tricks
That you think you can play on me
This ain't Three's Company you Mr. Roper wanna be
I've had enough of your games
And I've had enough of your lies
When will you recognize
That it's you that I despise

I've got problems with my rent
I've got problems with my...

Slumlord! I'm not paying my rent
Because I took that money and I had it all spent
On food and arms 'cause I'm preparing my troops
Us tenants have banded together
And we're coming in groups
To fuck up your shit and overthrow your ass
The mission of optimism will reign at last
So forget your negative ways
Get me out of this realty haze
This bullshit makes me crazed
I think I might move out today

I've got problems with my rent
I've got problems with my...

Pay the rent! Fix my sink!

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