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Khalil Underwood – Biggest Fan lyrics

Intro/chorus~ Take you to the bed, end up on the floor
Girl just get on top of me, let me use my tongue
Take off all yo clothes, make me scream for me
I just wanna x2
I just wanna be yo, biggest fan your biggest fan x2

Baby I see, you wanna get down
Please that body, lemme make you smile
I just wanna kiss you everywhere and all around
Put my head between yo legs and play there for a while
I can see your sorta stressed out,
Let me message you girl with my mouth
I know that you like it when I show you what I'm bout
I know, I know that you like it when I show you what I'm bout

Intro to chorus
X2~I just wanna love you... Tonight
Show you what a freak do... Alright
Hope that you don't care that... I bite
I can I can do some things that... Ya like


Little mama, ima have you calling me,
The best tonight x2
Kissing, bitting
Kissing all over your neck tonight, ya neck tonight
Ima givr you everything thaft you ask for girl
Ima give yo body chills like an ice cube girl
Ima give you everything that you deserve... Deserve

Into to chorus x2


Let me love yo body, I'm ya biggest fan!
Love yo body, I'm ya biggest fan ~ x4

Into to chorus x2

Take off yo clothes!

Chorus/ intro (put it down, put it down for me, put it put it put it down
For me... Put it, put it down, put it down for me, put it, put it, put it
Down for me)

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    Kaela Eckardt
    Omg Khalil Underwood I love you and I want to send you a letter but idk where 2 send it at if you can please message me on Facebook and tell the address to where I can send the letter I would be very happy and my Name is Kaela Eckardt so yea please go on my page and add me then message please thank you if you do it I am your number one fan I have your name on my hand and if it comes off I put it right back on it sorry there are non of these.,!? But I am so happy to be even doing this I love you so much and your really cute and I would really want to meet you someday please come Clayton but yea please message me on Facebook and give your address so you can send you a letter I will make sure there are these?!
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