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Kelly Rowland – You Changed lyrics

Late night phone calls
Every other night you're going out
Trying to give you your space, you keep on showin' out
I'm just so sick of it, I want to pack my shit
But something keeps pulling me back, I
Just can't walk away when I still believe
That you're goin' be back right and be the way that you used to be
Don't wanna be a fool, just wanna be with you
And I really need to know is what you wanna do
I'll hold you down always without a doubt
I'm trying to be patient, but your time is running out
Where did we go wrong tell me what's going on
Why so many changes, babe?

When I'm telling you I'm goin' leave
It really means this is where I wanna be
I stick around 'cause I just want you to love me better, baby
I just want you to love me better
You keep telling me you're gonna change
And then you turn around and do the same thing
I stick around 'cause I just want you to love me better, baby
I just want you to love me better

You can't tell me that it's just my insecurity
When you already know things ain't quiet what they used to be
Boy what'd you do to me, you keep confusing me
I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I try
And "I love you" you used to give out, just don't get no more
And me never complaining made you comfortable
Don't want us to end this way, so tell me why should I stay?
Don't wanna keep playing this game, they gotta stop now
Don't wanna say good bye, and I don't wanna cry
Where did we go wrong, tell me what's going on
Why so many changes, baby?

Maybe I'm crazy for thinking that you were goin' to change
Or maybe it could just be me, am I not loving you the same?
Reminiscing on how we used to be makes the thought of losing you so hard for me
And I can't let you go, I really wanna let you know
That I can't put myself through this pain

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