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KazeLoon – 27 (Part 1) lyrics

27 (Part 1)By kazeloon
[Verse 1]. 27 is da code-I can't be divisible-by any foes-composite number-positive no slumber-we da atomic number of cobalt-when da 45 Colt calls-we answer it with the pour of the Colt 45 to da curb so raw-my famous clients are catchers like Fisk-I pitch-da illest shit-stop clocks-with no bawks-I load em up like base on balls-like the flame torch to my coke baseballs-your White Sox turn Red like you got traded to Boston-like Mo Vaughn for Frank Thomas-when my Nighthawks clock night often-The 27 Club-lives in my beats thud-cheers like a cracked glass winehouse-God bless da dead pour da wine out-why try now-my sound outrides any sound out yo mouth-kicking up 27 Grains for my Buddah-linked to this Immortal Life like rosaries a do hooder-we on "The Hunt" for that Atilla Skrilla-Chamileon change paper like Hans face fa realer-Books of Life & Death I'm dealing-like William Diehl and?-
[Verse 2]. This is the Last Swan song-on Swan Lake I C-Walk-with the Greats on da wall-I skate with them all-I excellerate never fall-balloon bubble & ball-Duece 7-Juice lessons-for da Power-niggaz shoot guessing-aiming at a true question-is the rules mentioned?-and with who's blessings?-decyphering a crude digestion-cyphers contain a hidden message-cryptic analogue get da news be stessing-make ya wanna switch sides & turn convelescent-added it up rack it up-sum the minuses in this ordeal of lifes lessons-that lead to the Deadend-I got a License To Trill-A License To Deal-passing out them Big Faces for Big Faces you know da Real Deal-bread for head-I keep my Swan Princesses fed-till they dead in da bed-full of The Swan 27-
Verse3. This life a mascarade-a Swan Play-27 ways-to trap them in my maze-while the ones that watch I amaze-never graze-they plain-no trace of my real face-chameleon saddle seat-make sho the battle cease-when I ride thru blending-in between-the famous painter's scenes-playing my cryptic song-The Last Swan Call-like W. D-I ride like Clyde with Bonnie-no relief-no leaving-till we all deceased-I spit Lean & grease-W. D 40-is my pens ink-suspend feinds-as my pen bleeds-roll on like ball point-after I free fall out da joint-from Saul to Paul on point-William Diehllenger & dem Outl. Aw Boyz-in Lifes Play-the stage I made with my clay-hear The Swan Cry-then you die-sworn to The "I"-to scornly ride-it's The Sword or Die-Swan 27 is da muthafuccin side-Hans on The Hunt 4 Life-no Keegan-no getting cracked-Joker Gang gets away with a Keegan Pirate Patch-the perfect plan-down da hatch-

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