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Kaysha – Black Sea lyrics

Written, produced and performed by:
Kaysha for Organized Bambino Entertainment, inc.

Empezamos, I got what you want
Satisfaction guarantee
We diggin' in the cartes (ooh ooh!)

Everybody wanna be wild wild shoe shinnin?
Look at the sea of black hands and bodies
Can? T you see we be sparklin? , we be twinklin?
Look over head, uh, dark skies we blazin?
Anytime of day you got booties that? S shakin?
If it is a dream we never wanna be awaikin?
Like an everyday anniversary, no cia
No Sean Connerys, no double O
Seven, won? T stop our black bakery
Rythm slaveries, the only one salary
Is to make you dance baby, when we in command
Is to have you glance ouais ouais, the Cattybaby stance
You may be thinkin? All we do is cameos
Videos, gang bang and good shows
You don? T know baby, planetary emperors
That? S good doctors and big entrepreneurs

Empezamos, I got what you want
Satisfaction guarantee
We diggin' in the cartes (ooh ooh!)

Now you ready for, we opening golden door
Ambassadors, from any of the globe shores
It? S yours, bina baby, no tiny tiny
No Donnie Brasco here, no really one sneaky sneaky
Empezamos, endiamos, all guerilleros
Por nosotros, musica, para, todos
Los muchachos, all negros gatos, es belissimo
Come to the land with the Organized Bambino
No shady baby, no way none come between us
Tryin? To dim us, we put a foot up in the anus
Play diablo, you? Ll look like the deco
Mess with our shit, it? S mano a mano
Pero I pero, what a waste negro
Yo we could be together chillin? Hotel Delano
We could be together hookin? Up beats and magots
Niggers understand the quality is not the kilo

Empezamos, I got what you want
Satisfaction guarantee
We diggin' in the cartes (ooh ooh!)

And even if Kaysh dada got the formula
Brothers wanna hang out smoke black suga
Behave like a Kung-Fu masta
And be like que sera sera
Black sea of love hit yo ground hit yo casa
If it was Disney land I'd be that nigga Mufassa
Do you ear da phat beats slammin in ya cabesa
O ye ko bina, nou vin sekou�

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