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One Of The Boys lyrics

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Katy Perry – One Of The Boys lyrics

I saw a spider, I didn't scream
'Cause I can belch the alphabet, just double dog dare me
And I chose guitar over ballet
And I'd take these suckers down 'cause they just get in my way

The way you look at me
Is kinda like a little sister
You high five your goodbyes
And it leaves me nothing but blisters

So I don't wanna be one of the boys, one of your guys
Just give me a chance to prove to you tonight
That I just wanna be one of the girls
Pretty in pearls and not one of the boys

So over the summer something changed
I started reading Seventeen and shaving my legs
And I studied Lolita religiously
And I walked right into school and caught you staring at me

'Cause I know what you know
But now you're gonna have to take a number
It's okay, maybe one day
But not until you give me my diamond ring

'Cause I don't wanna be one of the boys, one of your guys
Just give me a chance to prove to you tonight
That I just wanna be your homecoming queen
Pin-up poster dream, not one of the boys

I wanna be a flower, not a dirty weed
I wanna smell like roses, not a baseball team
And I swear maybe one day
You're gonna wanna make out, make out, make out with me
Don't wanna be, don't wanna be, don't wanna be

'Cause I don't wanna be one of the boys, one of your guys
Just give me a chance to prove to you tonight
That I just wanna be one of the girls
Pretty in pearls and not one of the boys

Lyrics taken from http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/k/katy_perry/one_of_the_boys.html

Submitted byrafaelmoliv
Corrected byblob4ever

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  • Emmah
    I completely corrected these lyrics, and put the ones that are in the booklet that comes with the cd.
    Most of the lyrics were very wrong, and some were misspelled (I know some words she's shorted, like 'cause' and 'gimme' and stuff).
    I just hope that whoever reviews the corrected lyrics I sent sees that they are indeed the right ones. If not, and the lyrics on this site stay the same ones, just email me or something, and I'll send the lyrics to you personally.
  • h
    It actually reminds me of when I was in school. I was one of the boys and what it says is actually kinda true in a sorta kinda way. I would hang out with the guys and I had very few friends that were girls. The guys I'd hang out with I'd have a huge crush on and yet he looks at me like I'm his sister. At least you know someone has your back.
  • l
    I can totally relate to this song. I'm not that girly or tom boyinsh, but theres this guy I've been totally in love with since the beginning of the year, and he looked at me like I was his sister, then we got closer, and we started saying "i love ya" to each other even tho we werent going out, but then I started being more boyish-- I took up track and started running and cussing. Now it seems like he hates me :( maybe I should start being even more like guy and see what happens: P
  • gabzybear
    Etincelle if you think the lyric are wrong then change them.
    And nickd539 you don't need to sing the song. We all no you have a thing 4 Katy Perry. Hehehe
    I like this song cause I think it shows meaning, that she doesn't wanna be one of those smelly boys and instead wants to be a pretty girl. Well that's my meaning and what I feel when I hear and sing this song.
  • u
    I have always been hanging out with boys, no girls. They wanted nothing to do with me, the girls. So I was always with the boys. Now I'm in high school and I want a boyfriend like my friends all had since middle school. This is a very inspirational song to me because now I look and act like a girl. Now, the guy I was always around and I are dating.

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