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Kate Nash – Under-Estimate The Girl lyrics

Everybody play, play it so safe
No one wanna mess, mess with the rules (x4)

I feel like my head may explode
All my friends keep me alive though
I feel like myself I'm able
To get my, to get my

My release, my release
My release, yeah my release

I keep my cause close to my chest
My heart is alone, eyes undress
My heart! I wear my heart
On my sleeve

Underestimate me
Underestimate the girl
(Go on, underestimate her!)
Underestimate her

You keep pretending your happy
You keep reading your magazine
Your baby is fuckin' me

You're the one you say you hate, you're
Every chance you had to waft it off
You probably made a big mistake

[Hook x2]

Everybody play, play it so safe
No one wanna mess, mess with the rules (x4)

No one wanna mess, mess with the rules (x4)

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    On her 2012 tour she said this song was about how people in society are expected to dress perfectly and appear perfect and keep perfect views. She described them as 'barbies' just sticking to what will make everyone else wants from them. This song is how people who don't live up to that and don't pile the make up on and dress/look different and have different opinions aren't given a chance in society a lot of the time. This song is about embracing your difference because everyone has valid opinions and our views and thoughts matter just as much as those who look better than us. She described those who don't doll themselves up and are 'outcasts' as 'freaks' including herself. I think this is so perfect. How people who aren't 'fit' or 'hot' are under-estimated because people don't give them a second glance or care about their mind even though they may be beautiful on the inside instead. Kate nash is just perfect though and this song is perfect, idk.
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