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Blame Game lyrics

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Kanye West – Blame Game lyrics

[John Legend]
Let's play the blame game, I love you, more
Let's play the blame game for sure.
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more.
Let's call her names, names, for sure.
I'll call you bitch for sure
As a last resort, and my first resort
You call me motherf-cker for long,
At the end of it you know we both were wrong.

But I love to play the blame game, I love you more.
Let's play the blame game for sure.
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more.
Let's call her names, names, for sure.

[Kanye West]
On a bathroom wall I wrote
"I'd rather argue with you than to be with someone else" (else, else, else)
I took a piss and dismiss it and went and found somebody else
Arguing harvesting the feelings, I'd rather be by my f-cking self
Till about 2am and I call back and I hang up and start to blame myself
Somebody help

[Chorus - John Legend]

[Kanye West]
You weren't perfect but you made life worth it
Stick around, real feelings might surface
Been a long time since I spoke to you in a bathroom gripping you up and choking you
What the hell was I supposed to do
I know you aint getting this type of d-ck from that local dude
And if you are I hope you are have a good time
Cause I definitely be having mine

And you aint finna see a mogul get emotional
Every time I hear bout other n-gga's stroking you
Might say I hit you
He sitting there consoling you
Threw the money, threw the mud
Who's provoking you
You should be grateful a n-gga like me even knows you
Now you noticeable and can't nobody can control you
1am and can't nobody get a hold of you
I'm calling your brothers phone like what was I supposed to do
Even though I knew, he never told the truth
He was just gon say whatever you gon told him too
At a certain point I had to stop asking questions
Chuck dirt on eachother like mud wrestlers
I heard he bought some coke with my money
Dat aint right girl
You getting blackmailed for that white girl

You always said Yeezy I aint you're right girl
Probably find one of them "I like art" type girls
All of the lights, she was caught in the hype girl
And I was satisfied being in love with the lights
And who to blame, you to blame, me to blame
For the pain and it poured everytime it rained
Lets play the blame game...

[John Legend]
Let's play the blame game, I love you, more
Let's play the blame game for sure.

[Kanye West]
Things used to be, now they not
Anything but us is who we are
Disguising ourselves as secret lovers
We've become public enemies
We walk away like strangers in the street
Gon for eternity
We erased one another
So far from where we came
With so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing
Lack of visual empathy equates the meaning of L-O-V-E
Hatred and attitude tear us entirely

Let's play the blame game, I love you, more
Let's play the blame game for sure.
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more.
Let's call her names, names, for sure.

I can't love you this much
I can't love you this much
I can't love you this much
I can't love you this much
No, I can't love you this much
I can't love you this much

And I know that you are somehwere doing your thing
And when the phone called it just ring and ring
You aint pick up but your phone accidently called me back
And I heard the whole thing.
I heard the whole thing, the whole thing, the whole thing...

[Chris Rock]
Ohh my God...
Baby you done took this... To another level!
Now a neighbourhood n-gga like me aint supposed to be gettin no p-ssy like this
Damn, Damn!, who thought you how to get s***
(Yeezy thought me)
You never use to talk dirty, but now you damn disgusting, My, my God, where'd you learn that?
(Yeezy thought me)
Look at you... Naked... With them... Jimmy Choos off. Who thought you how to put some... Jimmy Choos on?
(Yeezy thought me)
Yo you took your game up a whole 'nother level, this is some Cirque 'you Soleil now!
You done went all porno on it, K. And I, and I love it... And I thank you, I thank you, my dick thanks you!
How did you learn, how... How did your game come up?
(Yeezy thought me)
I was... Parts of your p-ssy I never... Before. I was in there like oo I never been here before. I've never even seen this part of town before.
It's like you got this... Re-upholstered or something. What the f-ck happened?
Who, who the fuck got your p-ssy all re-upholstered?
(Yeezy re-upholstered my p-ssy)
You know what, I got to thank Yeezy.
And when I see that n-gga Imma thank him. Imma buy his album, Imma download that... Imma shoot a bootlegger!
That's how good I feel about this...
Oww, I still can't believe you got me this watch. The exact... I wanted!
Even with the bezel! This is the... I wanted. I saw this, I saw it,
Twista had this on in The Source. I remember, Twista had this on in The Source.
That's right, that's right! Yo yo babe, yo yo this is the best birthday ever!
Where you learn to treat a n-gga like this?
(Yeezy thought me)
Yeezy thought you well, Yeezy thought you well.

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  • u
    This song has a very deep meaning to it. Ever so often us as human beings are so quick to blame others for our mistakes. We're so hung up with always being right that we completely forget to just admit when were wrong to avoid the little arguments. It explains that two stubborn people will never get anywhere. Although people don't always connect on a mental and emotional level all the time it suggests that any petty argument can be fixed by the lust of physical intimacy. "break up to make up" however if you're not connected on a mental level then the relationship won't last as long. Physical relations are fun for a while but a true relationship lasts through time, dedication, and commitment for one another.
  • s
    In the end they are both to blame. Neither of them are willing to admit it, there is a verse where kanye admits he'd rather be with this girl but dismisses the idea and goes to find someone else. And they know they are both with other people and this just leaves them with nothing. The last verse the girl just keeps repeating another man's name. Which could possible be the girls insight? She's not over him. How can this be fixed?

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