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Kankick – Just Methods (feat. Montage One) lyrics

Feat. Montage One
We all infested maggot brain infected
Accepted no other ways just methods
To live life hours to minutes upon seconds
Upon crime upon jail upon time

It used to be all gravy now its all grave
Baby G's on the block don't know how to behave
They just a slave to the guns and hums from shoulder straps
Migratin' in the parlors all across the map
The phones tapped with the source sayin so da feds way
With strong evidence but still the cops take
The crime scenes littered with drugs and submachines
Thugs with open spleens got shot up for cream
The American Dream is full blown
My half grown niggas in they 1 point 5 aya (area) homes
The end o' the loan
No its no need for a loan
The streets and the bank colateral has smoked weed to crank
Who do ya' thank?
The government corners and fiends but tippin' the beams
Niggas gettin' paper and rings
Money machines is jammed cuz' the count is extreme
My D. E. A. Moves in swift with S. W. A. T. Teams
Will rush into the sound of flushing
Guns busting, fingerprint dusting, handcuffing
But will be out soon

We all infested maggot brain infected
Aceepted no other ways just methods
To live life hours to minutes up on seconds
Upon crime upon jail upon time
Cuz young minds with black 9's
On bus lines
Rob you for yours
Rob me for mines

[Verse 2:]
He's looking out his window checkin' the streets
For my villa town cars and F. B. I sweeps
Involved and caught up in a world so deep
That he barracades doors just to sleep
And even if he does
He still has dreams of what was
Occupatious smugglin' dope through weigh stations
With coke in the bumper

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